As the 2023 MLB Opening Day approaches, excitement is building for what promises to be an incredibly exciting season of America’s national pastime.  

This will be the first season of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which outlines a number of new rules and regulations that will shape the game for years to come. 

As we look ahead to the start of the season, let’s take a look at some of the major changes that await us in 2023. 

For starters, the MLB has implemented a new “universal” designated hitter rule, which will be used in both the National and American Leagues. 

This means that the pitcher will no longer be used as a hitter in games, leaving the designated hitter to be used in both leagues. 

This move is expected to add excitement to games, as well as increase offensive production. 

In addition, the MLB has also instituted a new system of instant replay reviews, which will allow teams to challenge certain on-field calls by the umpires. 

This will provide more accuracy in the game, and ultimately make it more entertaining for fans. 

Finally, the new CBA also includes a new salary structure, which will see the players receive a greater share of the league’s revenue. 

This will make the game more profitable for both the players and the teams, and is expected to attract even more talent to the sport. 

So as we look ahead to the start of the season, let’s get excited for what promises to be an exciting and historic MLB Opening Day 2023. 

With a new CBA in place, new rules and regulations, and a more equitable salary structure,  

the game is poised to enter a new era of baseball. Here’s to hoping that the new era brings even more excitement, entertainment, and success to the sport that we love.